Giveaway! Not mine, but fun!

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Hey there friends and family, (and anyone else out there in blog land following this thing)... I just wanted to let you know about a GREAT giveaway from my friends Blog... Check this out: You can win this really great notebook cover! It's made by Jen's mom and it has room for your pad of paper, pen and a pocket.. perfect for grocery shopping or whatever... I know I can think of a million different uses for this thing!

If you go to Jen's blog, she has all the details about how to enter.

You can also check out her mom's Esty site... her stuff is like Vera Bradley, but instead of just LOOKING hand made, it actually IS! So go there friends, you won't be disappointed!


Jen said...

Thanks for the post honey! You are entered to win 5 times!! Woohoo!!