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I have to admit... I have NO idea what I am doing on here. I thought one day I would just blog about Isaac's everyday life... people seemed to like it, so here I am... doing it. Now, I REALLY LIKE IT! Oye vey... so I thought I would try to update the blog just a tad, and blech, I realized I have no idea what the heck I am doing.... I got half of it right, but when I tried to put on the new header, the computer said NICE TRY MORON!... Ok maybe not exactly that, but it was close.... so after an hour in photoshop, I have a beautiful header for my blog... on my desk top...perfect.

In other news, Isaac is so happy lately! He seems to have found his "lovie"... it's a blanket that a woman I used to work with made... he sleeps like a ROCK with it, and as much as I thought I would never let him sleep with ANY type of blanket, I caved when I realized he can move it off his face on his own, not to mention it gets mommy and daddy about 7 hours of consecutive shut eye...
The other day I woke up to hear Isaac laughing on the monitor... and when I walked into his room, he had his blanket over his face... LAUGHING... then, when I moved the blanket and said peek aboo... you would have thought I told the kid he won a MILLION DOLLARS. He laughed and giggled and almost made me late to work, because of course I had to play about ten rounds of this game with him. He is learning new things every day and he is getting SO FUN. I am so lucky... and I will try to remember this always... even when the beautiful new header is sitting perfectly on my desktop! :-)


Jen said...

That is SO CUTE!!! Addie sleeps with a blanket and has ever since she was 6 months. I know so many people say it is a "no no" but like you...if it gives me more sleep..I wasn't apposed to it. Plus, when I saw that she could play with it and move it off of her face, I wasn't as scared anymore :-)

Oh, and about your blog header. If the size of your header is bigger than the dimensions of your template, blogger won't let you upload it. You actually have to change the pixel size of the header to match your header's pixel restraints. Does that make sense? Also, if you want to change your actual blog space to a "clear" template so that your writing appears just on the blue background, you go to "pick new template" and select "minima" from the first box of options. You can preview this before you save it too. Hope this helps!