Music to our ears!

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As most of you know, my family is what you would call "musical." My mom and dad both graduated from Bradley with degrees in Music Education, and my brother AND sister both went into music Education at the good ole Illinois State University... so it shouldn't surprise you that my brother married a fellow "musical" person... and MAN is she musical!!! On Thursday Jeff, Isaac and I along with my mom and dad went to go hear Christa play in a Concerto (for those of you who have NO idea what that means, Christa played a song by herself accompanied by the Illinois State Orchestra.) SHE WAS AMAZING. I literally had tears in my eyes as we watched and listened to her play. I feel so blessed to call her my sister... it was an amazing experience, and Isaac made it through the whole song... THANK GOODNESS there wasn't a lot of tympani in her piece! This picture was taken before Christa played... can you tell that the concert was passed Isaac's bedtime?
A few days ago, I asked my mom if I would be a failure as a parent if I didn't get Isaac's six month pictures taken professionally. With out a moments pause she said YES... now, in her defense she said she was kidding, but just in case, I made an appointment. Isaac's three month pictures did NOT go as well as we had hoped... AKA.. he didn't smile ONCE and each time we tried, he looked at us like he had never smiled in his whole life. So this time, Jeff and I were DETERMINED to get it right... he got up at normal time, ate his ceral, took a good poop, had a bottle, took a nap, had a bath, and got dressed to go to his pictures! We got there and wouldn't you know it... HE WAS ALL SMILES! HOORAY! All the pictures turned out so cute, but I thought I would post my favorite one here... if you want to see more pictures of Isaac, you can visit his share site... there you can basically see a flip book of his development... what can I say... I mean I am married to Mr. Video Productions... it's in our blood! :-)


Jen said...

I am dog tired right now from cleaning my house like a mad woman today, but I just HAD to comment on this picture. OH MY GOSH...he is seriously the cutest little boy I have EVER SEEN!!!! I mean, I have always thought he was a doll but this picture is just precious!!! It needs to be on my fridge (it's like a wall of babies). Save me a wallet...I have to show him off. Addie's 6 moth pictures were her best too. Must just be the age :-) Nighty night friend!

Cutsie Tootsie Designs said...

These are the most ADORABLE baby boy pictures! I love them! I love that Jen has journaled Addie's life in her blog and you are doing a fantastic job with Isaac as well! Oh, and I love your new page layout. It's awesome! Great job!

pocket full of pink said...

Beautiful blog and CUTE baby boy!!!