uh oh BOOM

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Oh my friends in Blog World, I am sorry that I have been MIA for so long, but something CRAZY has happened in the Ross Family... ISAAC HAS LEARNED TO MOVE. I know this day was coming, and I looked forward to it since he was born, HOWEVER, now that he is mobile, he is INTO EVERYTHING. He is very observant and I swear on everything holy, he is thinking, I will touch that, and that, and put that in my mouth, and that, and then I will try to climb up the stairs... well you get the point. So it the new phrase around these parts is "uh-oh Boom!" This is mommy's desperate attempt to NOT smother him and make sure every follicle of hair is ok on him body... ho hum...

Today Isaac turned nine months old. I do not know WHERE the time went. He is looking more and more like a boy and less and less like a wee babe. It makes me sad. He is so precious. He laughs ALL the time, and is ALMOST sleeping through the night. He is wearing 12 month clothes because he is SO LONG. I haven't taken him to the doctor yet. She asked us to wait a week for the piggie flu craze to calm down... (at nine months he just gets weighed and measured. He doesn't have any shots, but his iron level will be checked, so it's not as imperative to get him in ON the day).

In unrelated Isaac news, my sister, brother, and sister in law are ALL graduating from Illinois State tomorrow. Kassy will graduate with her BA in Music Ed and she JUST GOT A JOB at Manteno Junior High as the Choir director/general music teacher. She also student taught there, so she is going to help direct the Manteno Magic, their very very good show choir. This ain't no Mr. Benware show choir. I mean there is a make up artist involved people. It's crazy.

Kent and Christa are graduating with their masters in Music performance. Christa is going on to Nebraska to get her doctorate in performance. OF COURSE Kent is going with, but he is DONE being a student now. He is looking for a teaching position, and actually has an interview on Thursday in Omaha. ..So think good thoughts!

Ok friends, my wonderful Hubby just came home with my PORTILLOS!! Yummmmmm

Here is a picture of our wee one on his nine month birthday... Happy Mothers Day all!!


Cutsie Tootsie Designs said...

Welcome to the world of movers and shakers! That's why being a mommy is for the young ... although this Gramma is young at heart! He is adorable! Happy chasing!

chadandnikki said...

On the road again. This stage is so much fun.