Oh Savannah.....

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Back in our BI (before Isaac) days, Jeff and I went on vacation to Tybee Island Georgia with my sister and brother in law. We had an AMAZING time. We stayed on the beach, drank (sometimes ALOT), went on a haunted bar crawl, and toured Savannah Georgia. Jeff and I LOVE the Savannah area and we are trying DESPERATELY to move there. However, we also want Isaac to be close to his grandparents, so we are working on relocating an entire family. My mom is in so far, but we are still working on Grandma and Grandpa Ross....but I digress.... when we went, we took one suitcase containing our swimsuits and a few items of clothing. Kati and Aaron also took one suitcase. The biggest problem was how we were going to get the cooler of beer down there so it would 1. still be cold and 2. easily accessible once arriving.

This summer Jeff, Isaac and I are packing up and taking a trip to Edisto Island. My mom, sister, brother and sister in law will also be going. This will be Isaac's first trip to the ocean, and BOY have our packing issues changed! Isaac's stroller, pack and play, clothes, beach items, food items, and toys are now invading our once precious cooler space. The cooler isn't even going, and any booze that will be consumed will be on a monitored and rotating basis, since SOMEONE has to stay coherent to watch the wee babe.... oye!

Our lives have forever been changed, and although the cooler was amazing, this trip will hold some of the most precious memories of my life and I couldn't be more excited!