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As many of you know, my Aunt Dede was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 10 years ago. At that time, the doctors gave her a five year survival rate. Because of research done by the American Cancer Society, my Aunt has lived far above the doctors original expectation. Although I would love to tell you that her fight is over, she is still battling this awful disease. She has had brain surgery, cyber-knife surgery to remove cancer from her lungs and has had a mastectomy. She continues to go through Chemo and fight for her life.
In this day and age, it is hard to find ANYONE who's life hasn't been touched by cancer. That's why our family participates in the American Cancer Society's Relay for life. This is our sixth year walking in the Relay. Through out our time, we have been able to raise and donate over 50,000 dollars to the American Cancer Society.

Our Relay Team
(My Aunt Ded is the one in front with the purple shirt)

Having Isaac has given Jeff and I renewed sense of purpose to fund this cause. Our hope is that Isaac will never have to endure the burden of cancer. I humbly ask you, if you are able, to donate to our team. If you would like, please comment and let me know who you are walking in honor of or in memory of and our team will honor them at our Relay Site. If you are unable to donate, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we walk to raise money to fight this disease. Thank you for letting me get on my soap box a wee bit. :-)
If you would like to donate, please just click on this link (Our Relay Site) and then click donate.

Thanks so much for reading!