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So let's review..
  • I was pregnant
  • Everyone knew
  • I had complications in the first trimester
  • and don't forget about the crappy strike
  • We were having a boy
  • The umbilical cord only had one artery instead of two
  • I had a SLEW of tests..
  • My water broke while eating a snack size kit kat... five weeks early.
PHEW! That's a lot!


So, by the time we got to the hospital, it was like 2:00am. They hooked me up, and checked me and I was already FOUR CENTIMETERS dilated and 100% effaced. The nurse said, "I bet you we have a baby by seven am...oh, from her lips to God's ears!

I was monitored, and Jeff, my mom, sister and I tried to relax. My cousin, who had been at the Bears game with my sister, also decided to join us... and was ditching work to be there... she arrived at 4am.

Well, at five am, I was checked and I was only at like a 4.5, so they decided to start Pitocin. I also didn't think I was having any contractions. I mean, I was crampy, but nothing awful. So they hooked up a monitor thingie to see how strong my contractions were... apparently I was having VERY strong contractions, and my "farts and sunshine" doctor SHOCKED! He told me that I would certainly deliver THAT DAY, and that because I was five weeks early, that the baby might need to be air lifted to Loyola where they could monitor him further...This panicked me on three levels... first, we didn't even DRIVE to the hospital, so how could we follow if this happened, two, I was SO worried that if this happened I wouldn't be able to go right away. and THREE this is my HAPPY GO LUCKY doctor, and he was not happy NOR go lucky... he was ALL business..I tried not to think about it...

So, the day goes on... seven am comes and goes... and still no baby. At this point the Pitocin had for SURE started I was having some pretty severe contractions... the actual contractions weren't awful, but they were coming RIGHT on top of each other... so at nine am after 8 hours of labor, I had the GLORIOUS epidural. I mean, I am really amazed at people who can go with out it... but I don't know why you would... it makes the experience so much nicer...SO even MORE time goes by ...eleven am comes and goes, two pm, three, four, I mean we were getting anxious!

My sister passed the time by trying to "make me over"... she thought I looked great... I was NOT as certain...

We also watched all the coverage of the opening of the Olympics which were happening THAT night....

So it was six o'clock, and I would NOT dilate to ten cm. I was STUCK at nine. The doctor decided that I could try pushing anyway since he thought that the baby would probably make it through, and since he was early, it was better to have a vaginal birth to "stimulate" the babies breathing.

So, everyone but Jeff left, and I was ready to push. I pushed for three sets of pushes with just my nurse Carrie (who was SO NICE) and then she went and got the rest of the crew...

I started to get nervous because when I was actually ready for delivery, there were ALOT of people in the room. It was Dr. Toussaint, (my doctor) two nurses for me, and THREE nurses for Isaac... they explained to me that once he was delivered, if he was stable enough, they would show him to me after they evaluated him.... talk about stressful.

So, Dr. Toussiant came in and set down his coffee... I pushed for three sets of pushes, and at seven PM, only after an hour of pushing ... and really only 18 pushes total.... Isaac Robert Ross was born... he cried AS SOON as he was born, which was a HUGE relief... but he was having some issues breathing. He was stable enough for me to hold his bundled butt for just a minute... and I was IN LOVE. Dr. Toussaint congratulated us, picked up his coffee and left...(well of course after cleaning up up in and around there... )

They whisked Isaac down to the special care nursery to monitor him further... but he was here, and he was breathing on his own... we were parents. I was a mom... I couldn't believe it.
Isaac had to spend more time in the hospital (Five total days) because he was early. He was 6 pounds 4 ounces at birth and 21.5 inches long. He had some initial problems with breathing because his lungs weren't fully developed, so he was given surfactant that night. (a lubricating thing to help his lungs inflate) He was also given some oxygen to keep his lungs inflated, and an IV to keep the kid hydrated! But, there were NO major problems, and NONE caused by his dual vessel cord! (hooray!)
He was only on oxygen for 12 hours, the surfactant worked, and after about 36 hours, they officially said that he was out of the woods... what actually kept us there was darn JAUNDICE...Morris Hospital was AMAZING though, and because they were slow,they let us stay IN OUR ROOM until Isaac was released. I can't say enough good things about them. They were/are truly amazing, and I am so grateful they didn't make us leave with out our baby...
He spent all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday under the lights. The nurses called him Malibu Ken! But August 13th, at noon, Isaac's doctor, Dr. Hart, came in and said to us, "You're ready to go home aren't you?" AND WE WERE... at 2:13pm, we started the trek home..

So that's the WHOLE STORY! It was QUITE a journey...and one that tried my faith in ways I didn't know were possible... I don't know why God gave us all these obstacles, and I don't know why so many wonderful people loose their beautiful babies and I didn't... I try not to question it, and I just THANK GOD for him EVERY DAY.
And today on his First Birthday, I feel so blessed to call this little peanut; who gave us all these crazy scares, my beautiful son...he was worth it all.


Cutsie Tootsie Designs said...

Happy Birthday Isaac! I so enjoyed reading about your entire experience Kate. You have a beautiful boy and an equally beautiful family!!!

Jen said...

What a beautiful conclusion to your story. I hope Isaac has a FANTASTIC 1st Birthday!!!! Enjoy yourself too deserve it :-)

Kassy said...

He came early to meet Auntie KK before she moved to Italy for 4 months! We had a deal, Isaac and I :)

Gosh, this all seems like yesterday...

kruffner said...

what a great story!!! Issac is truly a blessed little boy! I can't believe he's a year already! congrats!!!! he's adorable :)