I believe in Magic!

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So this past weekend, we all packed up the car and headed to beautiful ole Davenport Iowa...
Kent and Christa drove there to meet us, so we were all there, and it was really nice. We of course were there to support my sister and the Manteno Magic in their competition at the Big Dance!

We all stayed at the same hotel, so it was easy to spend a lot of quality time together. One of the funniest thing about Isaac is that he is DEATHLY afraid of elevators. So much in fact, that he doesn't even want to go NEAR them. The picture below is him standing right before the elevator door waiting for us to go get him. He wouldn't even walk past them unless we were right next to him or holding him.... (forgive the picture, we didn't stay in the same hotel as the shining, my flash didn't go off...)

We went swimming of course, because Isaac LOVES the water! I can hardly WAIT for the summer! He is going to be one happy baby!
After some hotel fun, we were off to the competition! I was really nervous about how Isaac was going to handle all the commotion, as well as all the time sitting and not running around, but he did AWESOME! He loved all the choirs, and really got into the spirit of the thing and started clapping when the kids were clapping, it was SO CUTE. Of course Auntie KK made him a new shirt for the occasion which read: Future of Manteno Magic: 2023...

He did so well, and made it ALLLLLLLL the way to midnight to see that Manteno had won fourth place in the competition!
We had such a wonderful time spending time with Family... (and adopting Michael of course) That we now want to see EVERY Magic competition... I mean, it's like living out our very own version of Glee...