Bad Mommy Blogger... BAD!

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Hello out there! (If anyone is left out there!)

Sorry that we have been MIA for soooooooo long. It seems as though life gets ahead of you, and before you know it, its been ohhhhh three or so months since your last post... OOPS!

Anyhoo, life around our parts has been BUSY!!! Isaac is talking, running, and swimming his little heart out, and us? Well, we are chasing him ALL THE TIME.

Here are some highlights:

We took Isaac to Omaha Nebraska to celebrate Uncle Kent's 30th Birthday. We went to a fountain park, a water park and the Omaha Zoo. If you have never been to the Omaha zoo, I HIGHLY recommend it. I mean Brookfield Zoo is nice, but the Omaha Zoo is AMAZING. Here is photographic evidence of the amazingness...
Anyways, after our trip to the Omaha Zoo, we came home to get ready for Relay for Life! This year our team hit a new fundraising goal of over $21,000... it was AMAZING. Although the weather started off rough, it cleared up in the end and was a great experience as always...

Next up on this summer's agenda was a party for my mom's 60th BIRTHDAY! That's right 60!! IT was cleaning and organizing central, as my mom just had hardwood floors put in, and as most people know, one project NEVER goes the way you think it will... however, much fun was had by all!

Father's day was next on the agenda. We spent the morning at the All Aboard Diner in Downers Grove. I mean it was Isaac's DREAM COME TRUE. HE LOVED it. The food comes on a train, and there is a train up above you and basically trains EVERYWHERE. The food was great, and the company even better! We had a great time and we will be going back AGAIN!

After a nice brunch, we headed over to my dads for some bonding time. We were supposed to go swimming, but the weather did NOT cooperate. SO it was a good thing we got some swim time in earlier in the week. I mean this kid is a FISH.

Well my friends, that brings us up to date! I can't wait to post about our vacation to the Ozarks... stay tuned~ I promise, it won't be another long wait! ;-)