2010... see ya!

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Hey ya friends! Tis the season to recap our year, and discuss what my "resolutions" are for next year...

WELL.. I mean, lucky for you my year was SUPER BORING. I mean, of COURSE we did amazing things with Isaac... his year was AWESOME.


Headed to IOWA to watch his FAVORITE real life GLEE show Choir, MANTENO MAGIC. My sister Kassy is the director there, and let me tell you, if you are wanting to see some high school kids doing amazing things, go to a Show Choir competition... I mean, it really is amazing.February:
Isaac turned 18 months old. I mean, HOW DID HE GET SO OLD? This was the first time we went to Cathy Whalen for our pictures, and let me tell you, we will NEVER go anywhere else.

Also, my sister turned twenty something... and my sister in law celebrated the big 30!!

I had a birthday, but the best part of this month was the FREAKISHLY warm weather! It was so nice, we were able to go outside quite a bit which is a GODSEND for a toddler who just wants to run around!
The nice weather continued and we were able to head out to the zoo and outside some more! OH and don't forget... WHITE SOX SEASON started!
My brother turned the big 30 so we headed out to Nebraska to help him celebrate in style!
While we were there, we also headed out to a nearby waterpark which Isaac LOVED. This kid is a FISH!

Was my mom's 60th birthday and we celebrated with a bash in her honor. Isaac had his first set of swim lessons, and just like we thought, he LOVED them! We also had our family vacation in the Ozarks. It was a lot of fun!

In July, we went and visited our family in Ohio and Isaac rode his VERY FIRST Jet Ski. Just for the record, Isaac and I had our first ride on a jet ski on the very same day. When we got back, we also had fun hanging out with various family members at the water.... but the most EXCITING news was that Isaac was going to have a cousin... Kati and Aaron were PREGNANT!

Isaac celebrated his second birthday FOUR TIMES in August. Because of family circumstances, we were just a celebrating machine! Now Isaac thinks EVERYONE gets an Nelmo cake for their birthday... even Jesus on Christmas...

Over Labor Day weekend, Isaac saw his first movie in the movie theater.. Toy Story 3! He did AMAZING. He loved seeing "HIS Woody and Buzz" on the screen! Chris and Jackie were married on 9.18.10. It was a really nice wedding and we had a ball! We also made our annual trip to Dollingers Farm and got our pumpkins!
WOW this post is getting SO LONG... so I will leave you with the last few months in pictures only... I think you can fill in the blanks!
The resoultions will have to wait until next post... and don't worry... the surprise gift that I FINALLY got done for Christmas will soon be revealed as well! I wish all of you a peaceful new year full of the laughter and love!