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I can NOT even believe that Isaac is six months old. It makes a girl sad to think that he is growing up soooooo fast! It seems like yesterday I was eating that Kit Kat when my water broke... but I digress... I thought I would update ya'll on Isaac's stats..

Weight: Birth: 6lbs 4 ounces Today: 18 poundsish

Height: Birth: 20 1/2 inches Today: 28 1/2 inches

We go to the doctor on Thursday, so our "unofficial" results will be confirmed then!

So far Isaac is:

Eating Level 2 foods... his FAVORITES are sweet potatoes and carrots.
Sitting up unassisted for about a minutes... but he can sit supported by the boppy for a long time.
Playing in his Jumperoo.. he LOVES his Jumperoo!
He can roll both ways, but only rolls from his back to his tummy consistently. He only rolls from his tummy to his back every once in a while!
He recognizes our voices and turns to see where we are, or where we are going.
He can laugh and smile and does them both ALOT... which is good because.....
HE IS NOT SLEEPING CONSISTENTLY THROUGH THE NIGHT (ugh) Isaac still gets up around 1am or 4am for a feed or a cuddle... which has lost some of its cuteness since I went back to work...
Of course he has two teeth, and he loves to use them to chew on his feet!

I just feel so blessed to have the little guy and it makes me a little teary just thinking that he really isn't a baby anymore... almost makes me want to have another one... ALMOST.