Movin on up...

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When I first became pregnant, I was so excited to start looking at the things at Babies R Us. Before I was pregnant, I felt like it was a forbidden land that I didn't have the membership to; but as soon as I got those two pink lines, it was like my membership had come in the mail, and I couldn't get enough! I was on bedrest for two weeks during my pregnancy, and during those two weeks, I ordered and began working on my registry. The very first item on my list was the car seat. I mean come on! It's the very first thing you are going to put your trust in (besides a human being of course) to keep this little one safe from harm... so after MUCH research and price comparisons, we agreed on the Chicco Keyfit 30. It got RAVE safety reviews, and my brother in laws sister had one and LOVED it... so we put it on our registry, and we recieved it from Jeff's parents a few months later... Now fastforward six months... ISAAC IS HUGE. He is over 30 inches long and does NOT fit well in his infant car seat, not to mention that the friggin thing is HEAVY... so armed with the same consumer reports subscription, Jeff and I set out to buy our new CONVERTIBLE car seat.

Now let me say there is not NEARLY as much information out there on convertible car seats... I found some helpful links at Baby Cheapskate, and also from fellow bloggers, but consumer reports was a bust! So we went into babies R us, and looked around. Let me tell you...if you want to spend alot of money on a convertible car seat, this is the place to go... I mean, I know Britax is supposed to be the best, but over 300 buckeroos? Come on, who are we kidding here? Jeff and I ended up going with the Alpha Omega Elite, which I must say is a best buy for us! We eneded up paying a little under 100 dollars for this car seat which lists for 170. ( I do love those Babies R Us Coupons!) I promise to get a picture of Isaac in it, but right now, he is faaaaaaassst asleep! But for now, here is a picture of the seat... wait till you see what a difference the seat makes!