Edisto Beach

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Ahhhhhhh.... Friends, I have a confession... I belong in the South. EVERY time I go there, I long to stay. Since Jeff is from the South, he is NO help in this department. For the last eight days, Jeff, Isaac, my Mom, sister, brother, sister in law and I went to Edisto Beach South Carolina. Before I tell you anything, let me show you a few things...
This is our beach.... I mean COME ON....
Nestled among all these trees is our house we stayed in....
This is Isaac's first time on the beach... he was SO EXCITED to touch EVERYTHING. We had to let him down to explore the sand...(Note:This was BEFORE we even made it to our house.)

This is Isaac in his really awesome stroller about two hours before it got ran over... (with out him in it of course) Poor beautiful stroller. RIP.
This is Isaac and I on the beach in his baby pool. The surf was a bit rough a few days, so we bought a baby pool so he could still enjoy the ocean, and be cool since the temp was over 90 degrees and sunny EVERYDAY we were there!
This is our family of three in Charleston where Isaac got a tad over heated and FREAKED MOMMY OUT. But, alas, a cool car ride, LOTS of water and a glass a wine for Mommy and all was better.
This is our little guy, too cool for school. I don't know why, but I LOVE this picture!
We wanted to have Isaac try a lemon.. he got one taste and thought OH HECK NO... too cute.
This is all of us on the last day... we were all sad to leave. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the South. I love the history, the scenery, the BEACH... I mean, I just love it. We both want to move so badly, but none of us want to tell our parents that we are leaving with their only grandbaby....I mean, I am pretty sure Papa Ross would have heart failure!
This is Isaac's newest face. He makes it and snorts his little nose...it's too cute.

What is not cute....sleep training. Stay tuned.


Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a FABULOUS time! I am so very jealous :-)