Isaac's Birth Story Part One...we are what?

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It is so hard to believe that in a few short weeks Isaac is going to be a year old. I used to think that when people said that, that they were crazy, but it is SO TRUE. It REALLY DOES seem like yesterday that Isaac was not even here... that we were living in Diamond, and that we were just living our normal day to day lives. I thought that this would be a good time to document what Isaac's journey has been!

Part One... What?

So Jeff and I decided that we were going to try to get pregnant. I had finished my graduate degree the year before, we had banked some money away, and we felt like we were ready! We thought it might take some time to get pregnant, (well since they say to give yourself a year), and we decided that while we were on our Vacation to Tybee Island Georgia we would start trying....
Us on Tybee Island (actually in Savannah in this photo) July 2007

Well... that didn't work out so well as my "monthly gift" came early that month. Needless to say, that ended that.... so it was on to the next month.
In August, I found a great website, fertility friend. I thought I would try it out.... I had NO idea there was so much you could do to find out when you were going to ovulate, and at the time, I was none too concerned... but since my monthly gift was so crazy, I thought I might try out the website. I entered in my info, and when it generated our prime "baby making time" it had already past.... Damn... I was not too good at this.... on to the next month...
September came and went, and when we the "time" came, Jeff was filming two weddings in a row AND we had MANY family trips to get to as evidence below....
Trips with the fam... part of the September distraction...
October came and there was a family party to contend with...and I KNEW there would be "partaking" so we thought, eh, we'll just wait to November...
Our October party... SO FUN

November our "prime time" happend to fall on the same weekend we were throwing a BIG 60th birthday party for my father in law.
My father in laws 60th!

December, as always, is crazy, and our "power hour" was right in the middle of EVERY school program in our area.... Jeff and I talked about our crazy timing, and we made it our New Years resolution to REALLY start trying in the new year. I was going to take my temp, see the spike and REALLY make it work! I mean what is REALLY going on in January and February? It seemed like the perfect time.
My monthly gift was a little wierd in December. It never really got to full force, and my boobs
H U R T!! I didn't really have a whole lot of time to think about it though because the holiday festivites were upon us. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure on December 22nd, because my mom was having a caroling party that night, and I wanted to make sure I could partake with out worrying. The test came back negative, and I didn't really give it another thought.
And partake I last drink for nine months... if I had only known...

On New Years Eve, we went to my Brother and Sister in laws house to celebrate. I was SO tired, I barely made it to midnight. I think at 12:30, I had crashed on the couch. I thought that the Holidays had just taken it's toll...
This was at like nine o clock.. I was ready for bed ALREADY!

By Thursday, the boobs STILL were hurting. I went to bed that night and said to God, "listen, if my boobs still hurt in the morning, I will take another test... just to be sure... so if I am pregnant God, you need to give me a sign."
Well, God was listening because on Friday, January 4th, I woke up with AWFUL naseau and a REALLY hurtful... well pair of melons. I had some errands to run in Joliet, so I went to Target and bought another pregnancy test. On the way back to Diamond, my mom called and asked if I could help take down the Christmas tree. I agreed and headed over.
I knew that my mom would want me to stay and have a glass of wine with her, so I brought the test in with me. I helped my mom take down the tree, and down to the basement. On my way up, I grabbed my purse with the test in it and headed to the bathroom. I went in the bathroom and peed on the glorious generic pregnancy test and set it on the back of the toliet. As I was washing my hands, I glanced at the test and it looked like there were TWO pink lines. I thought I was seeing things! I already HAD a negative test almost two weeks ago... I had a quasi period... but there it was plain as day TWO pink lines... a little "+" in the test window... I WAS PREGNANT!!!
Not the "original" test, but one I took that day.. more on that later... but for sure POSITIVE!

I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!. Here I am, in my mom's house, and I have a positive pregnancy test.... I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry, vomit, and tell my mom.... BUT I knew I really wanted to tell Jeff first. So I put the test in my pocket, made a mental note to wash the jeans right away.. I mean yuk.... and earned my academy award by getting myself OUT of my moms house with out ...
A. Drinking a glass of wine
B. Making her suspicious that something was up and
C. Without telling her!!!

I put the test on the center counsel of the car and just looked at it. I couldn't believe it... we had DONE IT! I didn't even understand how it happened! We were so bad at trying! We had made it our resolution to REALLY start trying THIS MONTH! I was charting my temp, I mean HOLY HELL! While all these thoughts were racing through my head, my car accidently drove to Babies R Us... and I don't think you would be surprised.... I parked in expecatant mother parking....
My first act as a new mother... shop of course!

Stay Tuned to next time when I tell you how we told everyone we were expecting!!!


A day in the life of the Wiettings said...

Thanks for sharing! I thought I Was the only creepy one that took pics of my pee sticks! Then again I took a test every week til I hit 12 weeks... I can't wait to hear the rest! OH I used Fertility Friend too... Great site!!

Jen said...

This is so fun!!! I love pregnancy and birth recaps. It is so exciting. I can't WAIT for tomorrow's installment :-)

P.S. I love how your "car" drove you to BRU. Haha!