What a difference a year makes...

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I know we have been MIA for a while...

But we have been BUSY!

After Isaac's first birthday party, it was time to get ready for Isaac's first day of Day care!
Isaac goes to the same place where Daddy works... I think Daddy was more nervous than Isaac... Daddy doesn't deal well when Isaac is upset....BUT no worries, Isaac LOVES day care and he is FINALLY starting to NAP well there too!

We also took some time and went to The DuPage Children's Museum, which Isaac also loved. I wasn't sure what to expect, you know since Isaac is only one and all, but there was SO much to do there, and he TRIED IT ALL! He really loved it. AND we loved letting him play knowing that he could explore everything there!

Of course since Isaac turned one, he had his one year check up, and here are his stats as of now...

Height: 32" (97 percentile)
Weight: 22 pounds 10 ounces (47th percentile)
Doctor Hart was very pleased with everything and gave us a clean bill of health! He did fairly well with shots this time, and only had a minor meltdown!
Of course we had one year pictures taken, and they all turned out cute (although I may be biased) this is one of my favorites!!

But what has REALLY been eating my time, well besides a walking Isaac, is SLIDE TRANSFERRING. OYE. I have been taking our old family slides and converting them to digital images for our family. It takes SO much time, but it has been such a blessing. I found pictures of my grandparents, our family, cousins, and so much more. I will leave you with a sampling here.

Well, hopefully this finds you all happy and healthy! As for us, we will hopefully be on here soon to update you on all our fall adventures!