Two Years...

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So what is two years really? I mean, at the beginning of our marriage, two years went by in a flash, and nothing really changed for us.

  1. We were still living in our first apartment
  2. We were working our first "real people" jobs
  3. And we enjoying our time as newly weds...

Well, in the past two years LOTS of things have changed... because two years ago today I found out Isaac was on his way!

It was the first time I ever wanted to puke and celebrate at the first time. I remember having the thought that I couldn't believe I was actually going to be a mother, followed almost immediately by the thought that this baby was going to have to come out of me some how... (gulp)..

Some people say that you become a mother when you hold your baby in your arms; I would have to respectfully disagree. On January 4th, 2008, I became a mom. I will never forget it... the responsibility, the amazement, and the love... ahhhh the love! Isaac was but a wee peanut but my heart did not understand that. He was my baby, and on January 4th, I fell in love. I love you Isaac Robert.... and today is our anniversary. The day I found out about you, and the day that "I" became a we.