Two Years later...

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So last week, I posted about how we were preparing a space for Isaac in his beautiful little nursery.... Well... two years later, this is what life has turned into...

The crib has been transformed into a toddler bed, and his cute swing has been exchanged for a toy organizer which is
1. Never organized
2. Hardly ever full since the toys are on the ground.

The super organized closet has flew the coop as well. If you look, there are tags everywhere! He grows so fast that I can't keep up! I was going to organize this better before I took the picture, but in reality, the books would have been back on the floor before I could have taken the picture.
His changing area has stayed pretty much the same with the exception that we added his puzzle rack to the area since when it was in his reach all the puzzle pieces went EVERY WHERE so that was no bueno. Also if I could go back in time, I would tell my self that the cute antique plane is great until about three months ago... when now he wants to play with it's a WEAPON. So instead of being cute, it is now a reason for a crying fit. Oye.

When Jeff and I found out we were pregnant with a boy, we went around looking for the perfect nursery theme for our little guy. We finally decided on airplanes, and piece mealed a design that met our needs...(cheap and cute) I shopped Pottery Barn Kids CLEARANCE and found a mobile that set the whole theme in motion. So, when we painted, we had blue for the sky and rolling light green hills on the bottom....My sister added hand painted airplanes to the sky that "flew" around the custom quote I had made from Upper Case living. The quote goes around his room and says
"Let me sing for joy, let me play in the sunshine, let me grow in the light, let me dance in the rain, and remember the days of childhood forever."

The quote and airplanes are still there, but the hills have come alive with none other than Thomas the Tank engine!
Although Isaac's room has undergone quite the transformation... wait until you see the transformation that has come over Isaac himself!!!


Jen said...

Looks like Addie's room with ALL THE TOYS! This kids aren't spoiled or anything are they? It's funny how their rooms evolve right along with them. Our babies aren't babies anymore :-(