Oh Christmas Card... Oh Christmas Card!

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Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER... well, maybe not that close, but IT.IS.COMING! And with the holidays lurking , it's time for the Christmas Card design of fun! Jeff and I have done photo cards from Shutterfly our entire married life, but in the past, it has just been him and I... then, in 2008, we had a new addition...

Then, the next year Shutterfly started carrying some fun whimsical designs so we went with one of those!
Now this year, we had a TONS of photos taken with our friend Cathy at Photography by Cathy, but the wedding pictures that she took from my brother in laws wedding seemed to fit best with this card...
BUT is that what we chose?!!? Could we possible leave out all the other great pictures BEHIND?!
Stay tuned to a mailbox near you!!!

PS. For sure check out all the cards Shutterfly has to offer along with all the other fun things... and bloggers, check out a chance to win 50 Free Cards!


Kristy said...

LOVE IT! Hope to find one in my mailbox...miss you dear friend.c