Listen, I'm alive... really.

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Hello out there!!!!

 I am sorry for my bloggy absence. I read blogs EVERY.SINGLE. DAY. and every day, I vow that I am going to post a long updated post....but every day, it doesn't happen... so in cliff note version, and in no particular order, this is what has been going on...


The last time I posted, I got a new job, things were looking up, and we were going to start looking for our own house... well, as they say, life got in the way. Due to decentralization where I work, my job was in jeopardy  and one month later, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. SO needless to say, we stayed with my mom. HOWEVER, as always, GOD.IS.GOOD. I was able to stay in my job that I love , and in June, my mom finished her 6th round of Chemo and was deemed NED (No evidence of Disease.) Her cancer is tricky though, so in order to be in remission, she will have to remain 2 years NED.... but her first check up went well! :-)

Isaac is growing like a weed, and of course we have been enjoying the heck out of that kid. He is a bright spot in my life and on dark days, it took one smile from him, and my life was refocused... Isaac is healthy, and happy, and I am grateful. He played soccer this fall: his favorite part was handshakes and snacks... perhaps baseball will be better. :-)

Isaac, Jeff and I had a WHIRL WIND vacation this year! We went to Disney (again) for four days this summer

then immediately spent a week at Fort Myers Beach with Jeff's side of the family,

and then went right from that vacation to Lake of the Ozarks with my side of the fam.

It was alot of miles, but it was amazing. 

So now, we are back to the house hunt, back to the craziness, and feeling blessed

Hopefully we will talk again soon!

Take care bloggy friends!