Teething Monster

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So if you read my last post, you know that my sister has been fighting off a nasty cold. Well, today little Isaac was a MONSTER. He didn't want to be left alone, he wanted to be held and HOLY HECK did the kid have an appetite! I thought FOR SURE that all my crazy cleaning had done nothing and the little guy ended up with Kassy's cold... BUT...As we were feeding him his evening meal (pureed pears ;-) Jeff said, hey come look at this... and low and behold, on the bottom of his lower gum is a wee ice cap of a new TOOTH!
I have NEVER been more excited to see such a site! Now that we know where the discomfort is coming from, we feel a little better giving the lil guy some Tylenol. Here is a picture of him today getting ready for his bath... of course, this is POST Tylenol! I am excited to see what a big boy he is going to look like when his teeth come in, and I can't wait for the teething monster to leave and my sweet baby to return... here's hoping to some fast teething!