Tuesdays with Isaac

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Today I was able to just sit and enjoy Sir Isaac. He is really an interesting fella. He has a vocal range of about eight octaves, the strength of a bull and the ideas of a genius! It is amazing to see how much he has learned in just one day! I feel like every time I go to work and come back he is bigger and he has learned about three new things! At this point, Isaac is turning from his back to his stomach with no issue, however, he only turns from his stomach to his back once in a while. We think he has done it about ten times total.... but whatever, we enjoy his squeals of delight when he figures it out! However his newest trick is putting whatever he can in his mouth... including...

Isaac has still had some issues teething, but thanks to my girls on the Babycenter board, I found the MIRACLE that is Hylands teething tablets. I don't know what's in those tablets, but it has got to be the equivalent of a HUGE glass of wine to babies. Its not medicine, so I don't have to worry about over medicating him, it's also NOT alcohol! (A HUGE PLUS), but it has something in it that takes the edge off so the lil guy can S L E E P. (enter a huge cheering section from the biggest sporting event ever here) Ahhh... the joys of a almost six month old!