A hoobie on a whatie?!?

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SO, as everyone knows, or most know, I am addicted to Christmas. Everything Christmas actually. I love the music, the lights, the gift giving, the family togetherness, but most of all I love the TRADITION of it all. I was blessed to have a wonderful childhood, and I carry most of the traditions forward to Isaac, with a little Ross flair... hence this little guy...
He is the newest addition to our Ross Family tradition. For those of you who may not know what this little guy is, he is a little magical elf that comes to your house around Thanksgiving and hangs out on a shelf, or other hidden area, to watch said children and report to Santa. Every morning, then, (of COURSE) he is in a new spot resting from his night time of travel. I mean, I can't even WAIT to see what Isaac thinks of this guy! Santa left the kit (complete with book and Elf) under Isaac's tree tonight, so tomorrow should be a fun morning!
Has anyone else out there done this tradition? I am trying to think of ways to make it more "ours" as well... like taking a picture of his hiding place every day, or perhaps creating a scrap book... I am just not sure yet.
Isaac makes this time so magical, and it lasts for so short of a time... I want to savor each second I have!
So what are your family traditions?


Megan Fulara said...

I finally know what everyone is talking about Elf on the Shelf--I get it!!