Naughty Watch

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I mean, there isn't much to say expect that Isaac is fully engrossed into his terrible twos. He LOVES the word NO, and tells me on a daily basis to "go away". While part of me thinks it's cute, I would be totally lying if it didn't hurt just a wee bit...

Of course what is a mamma to do? I mean, I'm just a mommma! Oh, see this is where you would be wrong my friends. Not only am I a momma, I am a momma that has friends with cool ideas... and I steal them ALL.THE.TIME.

Enter in Santa.

This little gem of a website let's you enter in all types of fun things about your kids and creates a fun little video just for your wee one.

Today, Santa warned Sir Isaac that he better start listening to his parents or he might end up on the Naughty list!!! When Isaac watched it, he was SO EXCITED to hear Santa say his name (which he does twice) that when Santa got to the part where he told Isaac he was on the Naughty watch list, Isaac promptly pointed to the screen and said "NO TANTA!"

I mean, at least Santa and I are in the same boat.